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DTS Student Internship

Hi everyone :) This blog aims to explain our DTS Student Internship. We hope this is helpful for you in learning more about what we do here at YWAM North Idaho and what this training school is all about!

What is the DTS Student Internship?

The DTS Student Internship can be described as “a primer” for DTS or as a “pre-DTS.” Most basically, the internship is designed to best prepare future DTS students (who have committed to do the DTS at YWAM North Idaho) for their DTS so that it will be the best it possibly can be! The internship will hopefully bring the student to a place in which they can dive all-in when the DTS starts. DTS is an intense, consecrated time unto the Lord for intentional discipleship, growth in relationship with God, and training for missions, and so the DTS Student Internship essentially is a preview of all these things, or a sampling of the DTS so to say. The student intern will be exposed to introductory-level teachings and readings for all of these topics: discipleship, evangelism, apologetics, bible teaching, world missions, and Thai language (all of which are covered in-depth during our DTS).

Perhaps the most significant thing about our DTS Student Internship is the live-learn environment of discipleship that the student is highly involved with. By living within the YWAM North Idaho community, the student will be surrounded by passionate Christ-followers who themselves are striving towards sanctification in Christ and are incredibly excited about intentionally discipling the student intern in the same way. We truly are a family here at YWAM North Idaho, and since we are currently a pioneering base, the small and intimate community that we have here provides an incredible opportunity to go deep with the Lord and grow immensely through the holistic discipleship offered to students through the internship and DTS.

The DTS Student Internship also works to greatly reduce walls and barriers which can hinder a student’s time in DTS and functions as an adjustment period in preparation for the DTS. Some of the biggest barriers to the DTS is some uncertainty in their understanding of DTS, YWAM, and YWAM North Idaho. During the internship, students will be able to understand YWAM as a whole organization, as well as YWAM North Idaho's distinct expression of YWAM through the live-learn aspect of the internship and by asking questions as the student intern begins to grasp who we are, what we do, and why we do it! Student interns get to see first-hand the values of our base, develop relationships with the staff, and familiarize yourself with Coeur d’Alene, Idaho all before DTS ever begins.

DTS Student Internship Mock Schedule


  • Base-wide worship

  • Base-wide intercession (prayer)

  • Discipleship reading

  • Discipleship teaching/processing time


  • Missions reading

  • Missions teaching/processing time

  • Intern with a base ministry

  • Evangelism

  • Base-wide Community Night @ 6:30 p.m.


  • Personal time with God

  • Thai language practice

  • Apologetics/Evangelism reading

  • Apologetics/Evangelism teaching/processing time


  • Bible teaching and processing time

  • Compassion Ministry


  • Base-wide Bible reading

  • Volunteer with base ministry or chosen elective

Special Notes:

  • Done at 12:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday

  • Done at 10:30 a.m. Friday

  • Allows for part-time job if desired

  • This schedule is open to modification as we learn and grow from experience

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