Our Training Schools

Here at YWAM North Idaho, all of our training schools involve holistic discipleship and mobilization which we define as training, equipping and sending students to live zealously for the Great Commission.

Currently, we have two available training schools and two in the pioneering process: 


DTS Student Internship

This school is designed to best prepare future DTS students for their DTS so that it will be the best it possibly can be! The student intern will be exposed to introductory-level teachings and readings in discipleship, evangelism, apologetics, biblical studies, world missions, and Thai language (all of which are covered in-depth during our DTS). Perhaps most importantly, the student interns are immersed in the live-learn environment of discipleship here at YWAM North Idaho through which the intern will gain maturity in their faith and intimacy with the Lord. Also, the internship will bring understanding about YWAM as a whole organization and interns will see first-hand the values of our base, develop relationships with the staff, and familiarize themselves with Coeur d’Alene, Idaho all before DTS ever begins!

The last quarter of the internship is currently in session. There will not be another start date.

Discipleship Training


DTS is designed to train, equip, and mobilize Christ followers so that they can know God and make Him known among all the earth! DTS is for those seeking to: 

1) Grow in spiritual maturity through holistic discipleship

2) Cultivate a more intimate relationship with God

3) Learn how to actively and zealously live to make God known among all the nations of the earth.

DTS is divided into two main parts: "lecture phase" and "outreach phase." In lecture phase, students spend 12 weeks growing in intimacy and knowledge of God while being equipped to live out His will for their lives. Students are immersed in a wide range of topics central to Christianity such as The Nature and Character of God, The Gospel, and Biblical Worldview. Unique to our DTS are weekly teachings on apologetics, biblical studies, and Thai language and culture training. Outreach phase is 10 weeks in Thailand during which staff and students partner with local Christian ministries evangelizing, preaching, and serving the Thai people.