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Our Focus

Where we direct our efforts and energy.


The Unreached

"All men are equally lost, but not all men are equally needy."
- Dr. Ralph Winter


2.9 BILLION PEOPLE have never even heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. 97% of these people live within the geographical locations above.

Less than 3% of all missionaries are going to these people who have never heard the gospel, while 97% of all Christian missionaries go to those who already have access to the gospel.

Approximately less than a penny out of the American Church's dollar goes towards preaching the gospel in Unreached locations. 


We firmly believe that we must prioritize Unreached People Groups in our evangelism effort and outreaches. There remain over 5,000 people groups that have never even heard the gospel of Jesus. 

God has called YWAM North Idaho to focus all of our missions efforts in Thailand, specifically the 77 Unreached People Groups which reside there. Having one focus nation allows us to increase efficiency and overall impact.


Martin, Dwight. “Where Isn't the Thai Church” A Bethany International Publication:

coMISSION Issue 2, Spring (2016): 7.

YWAM North Idaho staff, commit to learning the Thai language, culture, and dominant religious belief systems. All of our students are also trained in Thai language and culture. 


This helps to maximize our short term outreaches while training, equipping, and sending long-term missionaries to the ends of the earth.


Through Discipleship, Mobilization and Going, we’re convinced that we will see Thailand transformed with the gospel of Christ within our lifetime!

In Summer 2022, we sent our first long-term team of over 15 people to Trang, Thailand.

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