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Who is YWAM North Idaho?

Who we are, where we come from, where we're going.

We Are:

Dedicated to knowing God and making Him known.

We relentlessly work towards the proliferation of His praise among all the unreached peoples of the earth, especially Thailand, our focus nation.

We have been called to do this through Discipleship and Mobilization (Training, Equipping, and Sending).


We prepare Christ-followers to engage in the Great Commission with zeal.

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Mission Statement

By operating out of a simple structure and engaging daily in holistic discipleship, we aim to mobilize Christ-followers to communicate the gospel with Unreached people groups in Thailand through every means possible, all for the purpose of spreading God’s global worship
to the ends of the earth.


Our Community Values


Value 01.

We define intimacy as seeking the Lord's presence, moment by moment, and submitting ourselves and our ministry to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.


We believe that we are called to prioritize intimacy, both with the Lord and with our community.


These are not mutually exclusive: intimacy with one another will bring us to closer intimacy with the Lord and vice versa.

Value 02.


We define sacrifice as doing anything and everything needed for obedience to God and the spread of His global worship.


We believe that the things that have value in our lives will require sacrifice.


We commit to sacrificing our time, energy, comforts, preferences and personal desires in order to follow Him on the narrow path so that others may come to worship the Savior of the world: Jesus Christ.

Value 03.


We define focus as stewarding our calling by pursuing quality and effectiveness above quantity. We believe that focus increases efficiency and productivity.

This value is reflected in our ministry by focusing on

 1) Thailand and the unreached 

 2) mobilization ministries

 3) holistic discipleship.

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